Last Monday was a national holiday so two of my roommates and I caught a morning bus to Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary. Though technically Cockscomb is a jaguar sanctuary, we were warned not to expect to actually see jaguars. Instead, we made the 5 hour round trip trek to enjoy the outdoor activities that the park offers.


First, we hiked up the (very steep) trail to the top of a hill overlooking the Cockscomb Basin. The view was by far the best I have seen so far in Belize — it was nothing but jungle and rolling hills for miles in every direction.


I call this “Cheeks Climb Cockscomb”

Unfortunately at this point I stopped taking pictures for the day, so you’ll have to just take my word for the beauty of our adventures. We next hiked down the opposite side of the hill to reach two waterfalls nestled in the forest. They each had a deep pool of crystal clear water at the base that we swam in. This was potentially the best water I have ever felt–in Belize, where nothing is ever cold, crisp mountain water feels like a breath of life!

Afterwards, we hiked back down to the visitors center and went river tubing. The park rents out tubes for 5 Belize dollars and has an entrance and exit to the river set up for a half hour float downstream. We were the only ones left in the park at that point, and it was amazing. Lying with your limbs dangling in slowly moving fresh water, watching tropical plants and birds pass overhead–this is the life! On our way out, we got to stop in a Mayan chocolate factory and pick up some dark local chocolate for the long bus ride home. It was the perfect end to an amazing Belizean day!


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