Ataco: El Salvador’s Cartoon Town

After my day of relaxation in Juayua, I was itching to explore more of the country. I decided to spend my last night in the country in Ataco, El Salvador, another small town on the picturesque Ruta de las Flores. Ataco is famous for its unique, cartoon murals. The town is characterized by large swatches of wall decorated with big-eyed, brightly-colored people and animals. I … Continue reading Ataco: El Salvador’s Cartoon Town

The Magic of Miraflor: Part One

After Leon, our next stop in northern Nicaragua was the Area Protegida Miraflor. Miraflor is a protected mountainous region of coffee farms in northern Nicaragua. The area spans three different climate and ecosystem zones, ranging from dry lowland to cloud forest. Miraflor is also home to an amazing tourism cooperative that arranges homestays, hikes, and daytrips for tourists looking to experience rural Nicaraguan life and the … Continue reading The Magic of Miraflor: Part One