Three Months in Central America: About My Trip

I am about to embark on my next big adventure! I finished my six month stint volunteering at Ya’axché Conservation Trust last Friday. Tomorrow morning, I leave Belize to travel Central America for three months. Can you feel me quivering with excitement? I’m going to do so many new things over the next few months! I’m going to learn Spanish, eat new foods, drink new drinks, listen to … Continue reading Three Months in Central America: About My Trip

The Yucatan Peninsula: Travel Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re a travel novice or old hat, the Yucatan Peninsula is a must-visit. As I said in my closing thoughts on my trip: To sum it all up: the people are warm and fun-loving; the music is joyful and contagious; the food is fresh, cheap and delicious; the towns are somehow both hip and classic; and the landscape is stunning. The Yucatan was the … Continue reading The Yucatan Peninsula: Travel Tips & Tricks

¡Feliz Navidad de Bacalar, México!

This year, I spent an unforgettable Christmas in Bacalar, Mexico. Bacalar is a quaint bohemian town perched on the shore of a crystalline lake in the southern reaches of the Yucatán Peninsula. As the result of a slightly sulfuric lakebed and underground water sources the lake is a beautiful, crystal clear blue. It’s called the “Lake of the Seven Colors” because of the magnificent color gradients that occur as the water deepens. Continue reading “¡Feliz Navidad de Bacalar, México!”