Central America Packing List & Tips

Coming from a culture where everybody’s closets are filled to bursting with stuff, I can understand why it is bewildering to think about traveling extensively with only a backpack. But it’s not only possible, it’s incredible! I find it very liberating to have everything I need strapped to my back. My bag is 40 liters – only slightly larger than the average school backpack. However, … Continue reading Central America Packing List & Tips

Getting Ready (AKA Obsessively Reading Reviews)

It felt right to kick off my blog about Belize by detailing some of the steps I’ve been taking to get prepared before I leave on September 1st. I’ve had about two months to start the process of leaving the country, which has been a mixed blessing: one the one hand, I have been able to completely organize and prepare for the trip without a time crunch. On the other hand, I have wayyyyy too much time to consult online reviews.

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