Hi, I’m Caitlin! I am a writer, map-maker, budget traveler, musician, idealist, and vegetable enthusiast. I have a passion for documenting my experiences with a dash of humor and as much optimism and awe as I can muster. I created Furiosities as a creative outlet for everything I’ve learned and felt while traveling.

Last year I spent six months volunteering with Ya’axché Conservation Trust, a Belizean conservation NGO. I helped them by using my GIS and mapping skills to manage spatial data, monitor land use change, and teach others in the organization and community. Many of my early posts are about my time and work in Belize.

In March 2017 I left Belize to backpack around Central America. I traveled for 101 days and amassed an incredible amount of stories and experiences. I hope that my posts will serve both as entertaining insights into my experiences and also as inspiration and information for other travelers. Feel free to ask me anything about any of the places I’ve visited or the logistics of solo budget travel!

Thanks for visiting!